The Girls' Guide to Losing your L Plates 

Stylish and fun, The Girls' Guide to Losing your L Plates is a must-have for every girl learning to drive. Maria McCarthy guides you through exactly what to expect in both the theory and practical test, find the right instructor and get the most from your lessons. There's advice on managing your driving test nerves and tips about the best ways to impress your examiner. An uplifting chapter is on hand in case you don't, at first succeed. And there's also help on driving once you've passed - from tackling your first few journeys alone to getting the best deal on car insurance.  

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The Girls' Car Handbook 

Fresh, lively and informative, The Girls' Car Handbook is an essential read for every woman who loves her car but hates the hassles that can come with it - such as delving under the bonnet, dealing with dodgy garages or sorting out car insurance. Packed with useful advice, it will help women of all ages make the most of their driving life. Experts offer insider advice on how to haggle at the car dealership and come out on top, find a garage you can trust and stay sane on the school run. Every possible driving difficulty is covered - so whether you've broken down on the hard shoulder or are having to rise about road rage, The Girls' Car Handbook will help you tackle the situation with confidence and style.

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Reviews of The Girls' Car Handbook

The Evening Standard, motoring editor David Williams

It's a guide to pretty much everything the novice female – or male, come to that – will ever need to know about motoring. Written in a clear, commonsense but very readable style it is crammed with useful information and really rather good.

Ian Collins, Talksport, 'The Car Guys' programme

Very informative and funny!

What Car? editor Steve Fowler

The Girls' Car Handbook is a handy book for blokes too!

Honest John, The Daily Telegraph

I thought it was very good!

Southern Daily Echo, motoring writer Alyson Marlow

The Girls' Car Handbook is easy to dip in and out of, depending on what you need to learn. With a stylish chicklit cover, it wouldn't look out of place being read by the pool – but instead of promising Mr Right, it offers a new route to female independence on the road!

Chester Standard, motoring editor Terry Davies

The Girls' Car Handbook is an absolute MUST for the glove compartment of a lady's car because it's crammed with everything they need to know about it. It's jolly good advice and money well spent!


Tired of getting ripped off by mechanics and car dealers? Sick of phoning your dad for something as simple as changing a tyre? It's time for us girls to take control and this little gem of a book is the solution. Buy copies for your friends too!


Drawing on expert advice Guild of Motoring Writers member Maria McCarthy reveals everything there is to know about cars and driving. It includes tips on everything from how to avoid getting ripped off at the garage to what to do when your car breaks down.